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About me

I am John B. Mahaffie, futurist and writer, working intently now to deepen and refine my writing, and to write fiction as well as non-fiction. My daily work is as a consultant who helps organizations explore their futures, and thrive in them. My colleague Jennifer Jarratt and I started our company, Leading Futurists LLC, in 2002.

I live and work in Washington DC. I am raising two sons with my wife Jane. Jane manages complex commercial real estate projects from conception, through construction and move-in. She keeps a hard hat in her car trunk. I learn about the world of business and construction from her, every day. Jane is great at understanding complex systems and the intersection of forces, trends, issues, and stakeholder interests. In other words, she’d make a great futurist.

The focus of my work in futures, as evidenced by my blog, Foresight Culture, is in finding ways for real people, in real organizations to explore the future, and find meaning in it. The ideal is a culture of foresight.

My non-futures life (is that really possible to have?) includes volunteering at my sons’ schools, and in our local Little League. I coached Little Leaguers to the edges of my ability, but worked hard not to harm their psyches, even if I didn’t do much for their swings.

I have a strong interest in the future of education, and serve on the Board of Trustees of the Achievement Preparatory Academy Public Charter School in DC. Previously, I served on the Board of Trustees of the Edmund Burke School, in Northwest DC.

I read history more than I read about the future. I like a big range of musical genres, and have struggled on and off to learn to play guitar. My family and I like to travel out west, hike in the mountains, and have close encounters with wildlife.

You can find  me on Twitter under: @jbmahaffie

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