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30 days, 30 flash stories — how it turned out

This is an update on the post: “NaFFWriMo–A flash fiction story, every day of November” from mid-November

Well, I managed to write 30 stories during November 2016, one each day. My goal was to see what it would mean to let raw creation dominate my writing efforts, rather than thinking, researching, overthinking, over-researching.

I enjoyed it. Most days, I was up early and spent about 40 minutes creating a rough germ of a story. Of the 30, maybe 5 excite me. Another 10 or 12 at least have potential. Perhaps 7 or 8 have a beginning, middle, and end. As many as ten proved to go nowhere, and I don’t expect them to turn into something.

My effort had for fuel a list of over 100 story ideas. But stories often just emerged from my head, somehow, or ricocheted off the original idea and went in a new direction. I still value the time I spent making, and the existence of that list, and it has about 70 unused story ideas, some with potential.

Shut up and write

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