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Names matter: the terminal “s” in a name

In the novel I am crafting, I created a character who is close to my protagonist, and who is in a couple of dozen scenes. His last name, Ross, only gave me a little trouble on his introduction, and in some of the early scenes. The young man is called Ross by his friends, as men often call each other by their last names. I wrote along.

But after the first half or so of the story, my central character spends the weekend at Ross’ house with the Ross family, meeting the Rosses.

This is when the final “s” in his name began to create all sorts of trivial problems for me. When to add the ‘s or just the ‘ ? How to pluralize a name ending is “s”? Trying to write around this has created all sorts of awkwardness and I am going to have to change his name. I will likely forget his name, confuse myself, and add errors along the way. Names matter, and this guy is already Ross to me. It’ll take some getting used to the change.

Names matter. This was a rookie mistake I am rather sure.

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